13.04.1966 « Spontaneous Underground », The Marquee, London, England

Mark Blake noticed a fan of the band have recorded one of the many gigs of the Marquee of this era.

« I remember seeing a guy called Ian Somerville, who was a friend of William Burroughs, sat in the booth at the Marquee with headphones on the whole time. Nobody knows what became of that tape » 

« Pink Floyd - Pigs might Fly », Mark Blake, 2006.

xx.xx.1967 « Bernie Andrew reel-to-reel tape for BBC sessions »

Bernie Andrew, BBC sound ingénier, made a copy of almost all sessions on a professionnal tape desk for his personal archives


Bernie Andrews’ notes for his personals copies.

xx.xx.1967 UFO Club, London, England

A staff member of the Bryan Morrison agency remember the statement of a Bryan Morrison Agency's employee who said a pirate radio has taped an UFO gig. This tape was later used for a radio show where the famous Reaction in G snippet was broadcasted.

03.04.1967 « Monday, Monday », BBC Radio, London, England

The tape with performances of Arnold Layne and Candy and a Current Bun performances has disappeared since the eighties.

09.05.1967 « How the Beatles changed the world »,  CBC Radio, Ottawa, Canada

A show dedicated to the impact of the Beatles with interviews of The Lovin’ Spoonful, The Mothers of Invention, Leonard Cohen and The Floyd among others.

Left: The Ottawa Citizen 29 April 1967. Right: The Ottawa Journal, 5 May 1967.

 14.05.1967 « Games for May », The Marquee, London, England

We have the testimony of one guy who was in the attendance of this fabulous show who have noticed the presence of some Beebs' crewIt couldn't be a member of BBC2 (The TV channel), so this show was maybe recorded. And certainly wiped as some another one.

The only know-live pic of this concert

09.11.1967 Fillmore Auditorium, Los Angeles, USA

The soundman of Grateful Dead, Oswald "Bear" Stanley, has recorded every gig of the Fillmore West for many years. There is no reason the Floyd was not taped too. This recording was confirmed by Peter Jenner himself.

Interviewer : « There was a rumour that all concerts in Fillmore were taped ... »

Peter Jenner: «They were indeed. But perhaps that started later, because the Floyd were there quite early. Weren't the archives of the Fillmore called Bear Tapes or     something ... Owsley 'Bear' Stanley, the Grateful Dead's soundman, allegedly had over 13000 tapes of the San Francisco scene, from 1965 and later, most of the Dead but he did record other bands as well if he happened to handle the soundboard. We checked the Grateful Dead touring dates of that period and theoretically it is possible that Bear might have taped Pink Floyd. According to David Parker in Random Precision Bill Graham routinely had all Fillmore gigs taped and a Pink Floyd soundboard recording of their     April 1970 Fillmore show does exist »

« An interview with Peter Jenner», The Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit Website, 4 April 2014.

01.12.1967 Central Hall, Chatham, England

John Altman conducted an interview with Jimi Hendrix and Rick Wright backstage at the Central Hall, Chatham  on December 1st 1967. The Philips 8 reel to reel magnetic tape was sold by auction.

Jimi and Rick backstage the day of the interview.

30.01.1968 « The Committee Soundtrack (Barrett's Version) », Sound Techniques Studios, London, England

See the page dedicated to the unreleased tracks for more details

Peter Jenner :

« As far I know, I am not in possession of these tapes. I might have been given a copy, but surely not the masters (...) Many things disappeared with the sudden collapse of Blackhill.  My recollection is that they were less than amazing. However if I come across anything, i will let you know »    

« An interview with Peter Jenner », The Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit Website, 25 April 2014.

11.02.1968 « Top Gear Sessions », Radio One, London, England

At the very end of the 6 February session, the DJ John Peel made an announcement about the next show where Pink Floyd must made an appareance. This session is a replay of the 20 December 1967. An interview with Nick Mason talking about the Corporal Clegg single is missing too.

20.12.1968 « BBC Sessions », Radio One, London, England

This session is one of the uncirculated BBC's records (in the hands of some hoarders). There is however a partial off-the-air copy kept by some serious collectors (Point me at the Sky and Careful with that Axe, Eugène).

xx.02-05.1969 « Ummagumma English Tour »

The band has recorded almost all their set with a mobile studio for the incoming live side of « Ummagumma ».

« Popliners » stated the recording of the live show (in « New Musical Express », 3 May 1969)

17.02.1969 Royal Albert Hall, Londres, Angleterre

The gig has been recorded by the Royal Albert Hall crew. The tape is surely in the theater’s vaults.

23.04.1969 « Psychedelic Sounds », NDR Studios, Hamburg, Germany

On going research.

26.04.1969 « Light & Sound Concert », Main Hall of Bromley Technical College, Bromley, Angleterre

27.04.1969 Mother's Club,Birmingham, England

Let there be more light was recorded but not kept for the live disc of « Ummagumma ».

28.09.1969 Théâtre140, Bruxels, Belgium

The concert, a performance of « The Man & The Journey » was recorded by the theater crew from the audience (it was usual for this theater)

17.01.1970 The Roundhouse, London, England

Some extracts of the tape are in the hands of the serious collectors.

23.01.1970 Théatre des Champs-Elysées, Paris, France

The french Radio station, Europe 1, broadcasted this gig in live in one of his shows called « Musicorama » (hosted by Michel Desjeunes). The engineers have taped an uncut version of the concert (without the DJ speeches and without minors cuts). On April 30, 1995, are broadcast was made for the show « Il était une fois Musicorama » where a couple of song was chosen: The violent Sequence and Atom Heart Mother (truncated version). I have an access to the Europe 1 database; so, i can say these both tapes still exist.

21.03.1970 Tivolis Koncertsal, Copenhague, Danemark

Some traders as offer this tape many times (in incomplete form). Maybe a mislabeled recording.

30.03.1970 « Music Evolution 70 », Aéroport Le Bourget, Le Bourget, France 

This event, which turned out to be a fiasco, was planned to be broadcast by RTL radio, as evidenced by this poster. It is not known if recordings have been actually made.

21.11.1970 « Festival de Montreux »,Montreux, Swiss

Following the bad reception of the live side of « Ummagumma », the band decided to recording the Montreux’Festival.  However, some mics troubles (manly on Cymbaline) has buried the project. An acetate was released.

« This made-in-Switzerland live album reached white-label acetate stage only to be withdrawn from the release schedule in favor of«Ummagumma»»

« The Great Lost Albums », Vox Magazine, October 1990.

17.01.1971 Roundhouse, London, England

This tape would circulate (or is mislabeled ?) among the first collectors.

02.06.1971 Student's Centre Refectory, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh, Scotland

Recorded by at least one person but erased since.

18.09.1971 « Festival de Montreux », Montreux, Swiss

Broadcasted on Monte Céneri Radio station on November 26, 1971 and 3 December, the same year.

16.10.1971 Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, USA

A person close to the management of the group claimed to have a soundboard tape of this concert. In the 90s, he began to circulate it within the first circle of collectors. Released since in the community.

18.10.1971 Intercollegiate Baseball Facility, University of California, San Diego, USA

Rumors indicate that a local radio station recorded the concert. But never aired due to technical problems.

20.11.1971 Taft auditorium, Cincinnati, USA

A third version of better quality was recorded on an 8 -track tape. The master was destroyed. Maybe some copies remains ?

 01.05.1972 Carnegie Hall, New York, USA

Seen on eBay. Maybe mislabelled

10.09.1972 Mc Farlin Auditorium, Dallas, USA

We know that a tape (in poor condition) circulates among collectors (see the webzine « Spare Bricks » # 25).

17.09 .1972 Big Surf, Tempa, USA

Many recordings were made from this show but it was lost because he was mislabeled.

01.12.1972 Centre des Sports, Saint-Ouen, Paris, France 

Recorded by RTL Radio station.

xx.xx.1974 « Pink Floyd - Live At Pompeii Quad Mix »  

In 1974, associate producer Phil Borack (whose company April Fools Films handled distribution of the film in the United States) and director Adrian Maben visited Los Angeles for the purpose of finding someone to produce a quadraphonic mix for the film from the original multi-tracks. Dan Wallin, who received an Oscar nomination four years earlier for his work on Woodstock, was appointed for this task. The mix was done in discrete quad, the multi-tracks were mixed to mag at A&M record studios, then the mags were taken over to Todd-AO where the final mix was done. 

The quad mix was featured in select screenings of the film, but has never seen the light of day since then. Pink Floyd was never involved with the quad mix, and it’s possible that they’re completely unaware of its existence. See the discussion on http://www.quadraphonicquad.com/forums/s...post163644

05.12.1974 Hippodrome, Birmingham, England

23-24.01.1977 Westfallenhalle, Dortmund, Germany

We know that the band recorded several shows to check the timing of his special effects. We know that both shows were taped thank to an article in « Melody Maker » (on March 26, 1977).

Melody Maker, 26 March 1977

17.06.1977 Freedom Hall, Louisville, USA

The second set was recorded

01.07.1977 Madison Square Garden, New York, USA

The rehearsals were recorded by a guy who also recorded the gig (this is not the same source as that which circulates widely).

12.02.1980 Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena, Los Angeles, USA

Some soundboards exist since a man recorded it by hacking the HF audio signal on the Memorial’s parking!

21-22.06.1984 Earl’s Court Exhibition Hall, London, England

According the book called « Eric Clapton - the complete recording sessions, 1963-1995 », these Roger Waters’ shows were recorded in multi-tracks. The famous collector, Rolf Grosh was starting to spread it just before his sudden death.

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